Going Deeper

Ocean Matters Teens, Brian Skerry, and Stories about Whales Remind Us of the Power of Communal Action Recently the news is full of scary and overwhelming stories about the current state of our planet, and for many of us our conversations and thoughts are too. In the face of an issue as big as climate […] Read More

Team Ocean Teen Leaders Step Up

Isa, Cheyenne, Alena and Jack (left to right) are gearing up to present with Emmy-award Winner for Secrets of the Whales Brian Skerry in a joint event by Ocean Matters and the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History at the museum in Brewster, MA on July 27, 6-8:00 pm. The teens will be presenting about […] Read More

Where Are They Now?

From Skateboarding to Scuba to Shoes: a profile of OM Alumnus Alex Dann by Laura Parker Roerden “I think about that trip all the time, Laura. I know that sounds hard to believe all these years later, but it’s impacted my life in so many ways; it’s impacted my life decisions.”  I recently caught up […] Read More

Scholarship Announced for our Florida Project

Please help us spread the word about a scholarship opportunity for teens (ages 15+) to attend our Florida Marine Ecology Expedition project and training this summer, June 20-30, 2023 held in conjunction with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The Expedition combines a survey of challenges to the marine ecosystem through five days with the iconic Clearwater Marine Aquarium […] Read More