Meet Jack from our Youth Leadership Council

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Jack hails from Boston and is currently a rising sophomore at Loyola Marymount College. In addition to being on our Team Ocean Youth Leadership Council, he is interning with Ocean Matters for the summer.

1) What did you receive from your involvement in Ocean Matters that will stay with you moving forward?

I recieved the wonderful skill and hobby of scuba diving from my involvement in Ocean Matters. As someone who has been interesting and passionate about marine biomes for as long as I can remember, the ability to swim within them is so eye-opening to the realities of the beautiful underwater ecosystems on our planet. This hobby will stay with me for the rest of my life as I continue to explore the world’s ocean.

2) What do you wish everyone knew about the ocean or could experience in the ocean?

I wish that everyone could know about how important the ocean is to our life on land. Over 3 billion people rely directly on the ocean as their primary source of food. Further, the ocean is the largest carbon regulator on our planet and we would not have the oxygen we rely on to breathe without the ocean. Without our ocean, life on our would not be sustainable, thus, it is our duty to protect the ocean from threats like climate change and pollution.

3) In your opinion, what’s the biggest threat to the world’s oceans and what is something we do about it?

I believe the largest threat to the ocean is the rapidly accelerating effects of manmade climate change. Without rapid and thorough intervention, we are on track to elimate the ocean’s coral reefs and are leaving over 90% of marine species on track to go extinct before the next century. Luckily, the ocean is resilient and adaptable. If we are able to slow the effects of climate change by limiting carbon emissions and accelerating the transition away from greenhouse gasses, we can provide the ocean enough time to adapt to climate change and preserve our marine ecosystems for future generations to benefit from.

4) How has your unique perspective helped inform your passion for the ocean?

Growing up in Boston, the ocean has always been an important aspect of my life and my community. From relying on it for food, transportation, and a place to relax in the summer, I cannot imagine my life away from the ocean. This firsthand understanding of the importance of the ocean has helped inform my passion for the ocean and its preservation. Life without the ocean would be unsustainable and very depressing. Knowing that we have the knowledge and resources to save the ocean provides me with the passion to do everything I can to help save it.