The Journey

by Jessie Williams As we continue further into our trip on Oahu with Ocean Matters, the journey never stops. On Wednesday, we visited the Marine Mammal’s Pen, which featured Kina, the only false killer whale in captivity. Kina was a delight to meet and showed her broad array of amazing tricks. We also got to […] Read More

From Sea Horses to Sea Turtles

by Nikki Cronen, age 18 So far our trip to Hawaii with Ocean Matters has been quite the experience. Today we began working with scientists from the University of Hawaii to take sea horse counts here in Oahu. Sea horses have begun make a comeback in Hawaii, yet little is known about them. We conducted […] Read More

1, 2, 3. . . Seahorses!

by Laura Parker Roerden (May 16, 2014) Our Ocean Matters team is on our way to Honolulu to meet a group of high school-aged students from Florida to do a seahorse count project and help remove invasive mangroves. We will be at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology on Coconut Island, the island that was […] Read More