COVID 19 Things You Can Do to Connect Kids to the Ocean

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#13 Exploring the Sea

Many of us have waded into ocean waters, maybe even snorkeled or SCUBA dived; but despite our experiences having been immersed into the fascinating world of the ocean, we continue to know so little about it. Ocean comprises 71% of the Earth’s surface, yet we have only explored 5% of it. It is exciting to ponder just how much we still have to learn about our own planet! In this activity, kids can start their own journey to understanding the many intricacies of the ocean and what makes each ocean zone unique.

Black and blue food coloring
4 containers or jars
Small ocean toys (optional)


  1. Watch this video on ocean zones and this video on the deep ocean.
  2. Discuss the zones of the ocean, based on what you learned in the videos.
  3. Create your own ocean zone model using these instructions. (Optionally) Include ocean toys in the zones or make your own sketches of animals found in the different areas.
  4. Discuss:
  • What animals live in each zone?
  • What zones have the most animals?
  • What is something unique about the animals that live in the deepest parts of the ocean?
  • Which zone is your favorite and why?

    (optionally) Share pictures of your ocean zone model with us on social media!! Just tag us @ocean_matters on IG or Twitter. Or head over to our FB page to share it there!

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Arcadia Davies, Ocean Matters Youth Advocate Leader, recently graduated from Miami University with an interdisciplinary degree focusing on marine ecology and community engagement. She is passionate about connecting communities, especially youth, in ocean conservation projects. During college she practiced communicating science to the public through serving as the communication intern at The Island School in The Bahamas and taking numerous classes in marine ecology, creative writing, journalism, photography and community engagement. Arcadia has loved the ocean since a young age and strives to share that love with others.