An Ocean Matters Refresh!

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Introducing our new logo!

Ocean Matters has long understood that young people bring magic. Add salt (water) and simply stir!

So we knew we had a great thing when Vee Lewandowski, a member of the Ocean Matters family, came up with a new concept for our logo incorporating one of our favorite ocean critters: the octopus. It is always a special thrill when an octopus chooses to reveal itself to us on a dive and often becomes a signature moment for our projects. The eight arms of the octopus reminds us of the possibility of synergy in a group where the whole magically becomes greater than the sum of its parts. We love it when that happens!

We then teamed up with designer Bryan Paes to make the new logo a reality and voila! He even gave us a new button icon, which we love for the deep peace we can find in the ocean suggested in the “OM.”

Then, as if that isn’t exciting enough, Jen Rarey of Rarified Creative, also a member of our Ocean Matters family, gifted us with a design for #EarthDay that brings to life the Team Ocean Teen Leaders motto, “It Takes Everyone.”

Now, you can buy our exclusive long-sleeve white t-shirt celebrating both of these accomplishments and in the process support young people in their efforts to sustain healthy seas.

Our new Team Ocean Teen Leader T-shirts!
Vee Lewandowski

About Vee Lewandowski
We caught up with Vee recently to have her share a little about herself:

Why does the ocean matter to me?

“Besides being tremendously important to our planet and providing us with so much, it’s a place where I feel truly at peace! There’s something absolutely awe-inspiring about it and all the forms it takes. We’ve barely scraped the surface of it and the almost alien life calling it home is absolutely fascinating. How can you not be totally entranced?”

Vee Lewandowski, 27 years old, is a non-binary illustrator living in Somerville, MA. My hair hasn’t known a day free of hair dye since 2009. Passionate about the ocean, illustration, bone-collecting, eclectic pagan rituals, Russian witches who live in the woods, and searching for said Russian witches who live in the woods while dressed as a medieval pirate. Interested in owning three chickens one day and building them a coop shaped like an old-timey Western Saloon. 

About Bryan Paes

Bryan Paes is a New Jersey-based designer with a degree in graphic design, a certificate in SEO optimization, and 3+ years of experience working for both agencies and independently as a freelancer. Bryan creates modern and professional design work in various avenues of design, which includes brand identity design, logo design, packaging design, and digital marketing.  As a freelance brand identity designer, Bryan produces branding materials for a wide range of clients and coordinates marketing strategies for growing business. He has assisted growing brands with developing brand launch strategies, rebranding campaigns, and helping brands to find their voice.