Oahu, Hawaii, July 21-31, 2017

Coconut Island is the home to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and the prototype for Gilligan's Island.

Coconut Island is the home to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and the prototype for Gilligan’s Island!

Our Pacific Program on Coconut Island, Oahu, Hawaii: Seahorses, Bioacoustics, Turtles, and Hawaiian Culture! July 21-July 31, 2017

High School students (ages 15+) are invited to join us July 21-July 31, 2017 in Oahu, Hawaii to help address challenges facing the health of the coral reef, including:

  • trash and marine debris
  • effects of noise pollution on marine animals
  • assisting with seahorse conservation.

Ocean Matters is partnering with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) of the University of Hawaii, located on the private island of Coconut Island off of Oahu. Ocean Matters students from the mainland will be joining Hawaiian students for this cross-cultural marine science through service adventure.

Classes and labs are all held at the world class Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, the largest marine research facility in the United States, where students will get a front-row seat to University of Hawaii’s faculty, labs, and research. Learn about the important role of bioacoustics in marine life and what can be done about the noise pollution that is impacting marine animals and mammals in particular.

Participate in a seahorse survey where you will GPS locate and size class seahorses towards helping to understand more about the life history traits of underfunded and understudied seahorse populations in the Pacific. As primarily coastal animals, seahorses are under threat by mounting pollution and aquaria trade. We’ll also address this Ocean by involvement in Dive Against Debris underwater and beach cleanups.

The cultural heritage of Hawaii, which offers rich clues to sustainable practices, is a featured centerpiece of this program. We’ll learn about and visit Hawaiian native fish ponds, learn about celestial navigation from a member of the Hokulea boat; and spend evenings with a native Hawaiian story teller.

Coconut Island is the island made famous by the 1960s television series Gilligan’s Island.

Scuba diving instruction, certification for PADI Open Water I, and daily diving is included. You flight is not included.

Cost of the Program: $2,990.00 (Scholarship is available, see details for how to apply.)

For details on our Pacific Program in Coconut Island, Oahu, Hawaii see our downloadable FAQ by clicking the brochure thumbnail below or ask for details to be emailed to you.


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Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii on Coconut Island, Oahu



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