Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has been six days since our plane landed, and we have yet to see the sun! Tropical storm weather has made it hard for us to collect our research and dive this week, but we have been troopers. We completed at least one dive a day, battling currents, winds, and even fire worms! On […] Read More

What’s a Quadrat?

[dropcap]B[/dropcap] efore we can start our research project, we have to build the quadrats–the square plots with which we will measure coral vs. algal cover on the coral reef. Each quadrat is made with PVC piping drilled with holes to allow it to be both water proof and to sink onto the reef. We string […] Read More

Welcome to the Island!

by student blogger (age 17) We’ve been on the island for two rainy dreary days. With tropical storm weather, our days have been a little constricted but in return we have kicked off our research project early, building research equipment i.e. quadrants. This morning however we woke up to partly sunny skies and were able […] Read More

From the Executive Director

Welcome to the Ocean Matters Blog! One of the great privileges of my job is introducing young people to the wonders of threatened marine habitats—such as the coral reef. I am always moved by the childlike wonder that crosses a student’s face on a dive as she discovers surprisingly beautiful or complex sea life hiding […] Read More